Hola World

A new start, in a new city, in a new culture and at the same time trying to reinvent myself professionally. My husband and I moved to Mexico City because of an assignment he received from work. I’m very excited to be alone for the ride, but this meant to leave my job and career in Marketing, which I have been building for the past 20 years.

One of my plans for a while now has been to do creative work, specifically in the way of writing. I don't even know if I can do this!! I’ve never formally done it. Maybe a little here and there for work around content, a TV or radio script for a comercial, some copy for a webpage, or a direct mail letter or pamphlet. I could even get away with calling myself an editor because I have done many many years of reviewing others' writing for my marketing needs. Now, full on creative writing to express myself or to share any knowledge, it’s for sure a completely different ballgame.

It has been, to say the least, a slow start. I have many files on the works with different thoughts, attempts, but the actual jump and do it! It's taking me months. Even basic considerations are challenging; like in what language should I write? I was convinced I would go for Spanish, being my mother tong and all, but the thoughts continue crowd one after the other in my head, all in English. And like that, many other decisions are taking me tons of energy and time before I get to move forward.

Maybe you can imagine how very scary it is to come out of the literal and proverbial comfort zone to attempt something like this. Many times inclined to go and look for the “jobs” I know I can do, I’m scared to the core to even attempt to make the change…maybe I should give up! The doubts are monumental and I think again…I don’t even know if I’m any good at this.

Then I think about the perfect combination of events that had to happened for me to even be in this position. Not many people get the chance to leave a job, pick up and move to a new city at the very same time they were thinking about changing their career path. Knowing there are so many people out there looking for a change, a fresh start, a new scene! How can I not at least be excited to go for it and try.

I really want to write, I want to move people, I want to create something that can transcend or inspire others to transcend. I’m dreaming to evoque emotions that make us grow and makes us better.

I’m fortunate enough to be in this position and I want to take full advantage of it. Go full force ahead and see what happens, just to prove that the attempt, the experience, the unknown, the fear and the excitement is all worth it. If failure strikes, we all know that at least I can say I tried! And maybe we can all learn from what I do wrong or right and use some of it for other future adventures…yours or mine.

I will write about the new start, the transformation and the growth in this adventure. I hope you will want to see what happens and let me know your thoughts alone the way.